Public Policy


Lobby Evenings 2022:  February 15-16, 7:00 p.m.

AAUW of Oregon’s Lobby Evenings, which will take place via Zoom, promise to be an interesting set of evenings.  Our theme this year is the interplay of politics, policy-making and partisanship.

We kick off with Dick Hughes, an adjunct professor at Willamette University and a freelance journalist who writes the weekly “Capital Chatter” column for the Oregon Capital Insider.

On Wednesday, we will have a panel of four newly elected/appointed female legislators from both political parties.  We are looking forward to getting an idea of what brought them to the legislature and what they hope to accomplish.

Public Policy Action and Communication Plan for 2020-2021 (currently under review for 2022)

Goal:  To advance equity for Oregon’s women and girls through advocacy, legislative participation, and Branch public policy actions.

Legislative Priorities at the state level:

  1. Strengthening laws prohibiting age discrimination in the workplace.
  2. Requiring colleges, university and community colleges to obtain information about parental status regarding its students.
  3. Promoting investments in high quality early childcare and education.
  4. Providing high quality, lower cost prescription drug and health care options.
  5. Working toward a mitigation of climate change and promoting a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.
  6. Ensuring full access to voting rights.
  7. Promoting the inclusion of women on corporate Boards of Directors.
  8. Other issues that the Committee has voted to support or oppose.

AAUW Condemns Racism

We condemn racism, which is so deeply rooted in our country and demonstrated in many aspects of our lives.  There can be no justice or equality when any individual or community is treated with indignity or denied equitable access to health care, quality education, desirable housing, opportunities for job advancement and economic security.

Critical Race Theory

On January 8, 2022, Dr. Marvin Lynn of Portland State University addressed the branch on the subject of “Critical Race Theory.”  Dr. Lynn conducts research on race, education, the work and lives of Black male educators, and best practices for advancing teacher diversity in the United States.  The Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education, which Dr. Lynn co-edited, is regarded as one of the most important resources on race ad education.

We invite you to read the slides from his presentation, which can be found at: CRT_LOAAUW_Lynn

It Only Takes Two Minutes!

Become a two-minute activist!  Join AAUW in urging Congress to improve and expand legislation protecting our civil rights, economic security, and access to education.  All you have to do is sign up, at